Textures from Tone js patterns

After some playing around with the previous idea attempting to code up a piece composed in a DAW (Bitwig, in my case) I decided that some sort of middle path needed to be explored. By middle I mean creating pieces with Tone js that utilise the opportunities that coding provides (more algorithmic and probability based, for example) with the faster and more obviously musical (for me at least) use of a DAW to create something.

A Constrained Piece

While the open, add whatever instruments have been developed so far approach is a good proof of some concepts, it’s not easy to get consistent musical results. This piece, then, is about the other end of the flexibility spectrum, where a piece that has been put together in a DAW (I use Bitwig) is then re-constructed in the Phyusic environment. Areshetech was put together on a Novation Circuit, with MIDI and audio of each track recorded into Ableton.

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Phyusic overview

Phyusic is an experiment in connecting music made with Tone js and WebAudio, with 2D physics engine Matter js for interaction. This video shows the proof of concept in operation: It’s available at http://www.codemusic.studio/phyusic